Same question…… What would love do?

In the middle of writing my last post, I found in my email the latest blog post from Patti Digh. It was titled, “What would love do?” Co-incidence? Synchronicity. I love that.

I love all of this post. I would like to live all of it as well. That doesn’t seem possible today, but perhaps down the road it will. At least on some days.

One of the bits I like best:

Love would buoy, not bury. It would open, not close. It would reach toward, not away from. It would move into, not push against. It would create, not collapse.

I am learning a little about staying open when my tendency would be to close up tight, to allow spaciousness rather than responding from my default position of contraction.

And another bit:

I think love would make it okay to be less than perfect. And I think it would embrace you just as you are, not after you lose 20 pounds or run a marathon or get your Black Belt in karate, but right now, big hips and all.

I weighed myself this morning. There was a  lot more than 20 pounds that could use embracing. Acting in a loving way towards myself has always been a challenge. Mmmmmm, more than a challenge, like a big head-scratcher. A mind-boggler. I thought I’d come to a place of peaceful co-existence with myself, neither despising nor loving. The scales tell me that this place is an illusion. On some level, I already knew that; ignoring is no longer serves it’s purpose. It is time to shift to a new way.

Anne Lamott writes about treating yourself as you would treat a beloved relative. For me that beloved relative would now be my mother. It is inconceivable that I would inflict on her the same things I consciously or, more often unconsciously, inflict upon myself. It just couldn’t happen.

So today, I’m imagining that this body is my mother’s. How would I care for my mother?

Can I do the same for myself? It really is not too much to ask.

To read Patti’s post in full: 

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1 Response to Same question…… What would love do?

  1. Jovanna says:

    Hmmm…shifting to a new way. I wonder how love would do that?

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