I gotta tell you. This internet thing is crazy. Crazy good.

Today I was on a tele-call for the 2nd Annual World Changing Writing Workshop (henceforth known as WCWW).  Today was “Writing Space Spa Day” as a prelude to the workshop itself.  It was an opportunity to be in our individual spaces and also work together to clear space and clear clutter to allow the writing life to happen.

The presenters, Kyeli and Jen,  were based in Texas and Portland respectively. There were people on the call from Canada, the US and Australia (and possibly more).  The fact that we are able to do that is amazing all by itself. But wait, there’s more!!

We did some listening, some talking, some breathing, some visualizing, along with a few scribbles. Then we went off into our own spaces and did about 40 minutes of clearing. I did some dishes that had hung around for a few too many days. I cleared off a table whose surface has not been seen in at least 6 months.

We  reconvened and ….  this may be a bit awkward, but let me switch to the 1st person here for just a minute.  Jen had me imagine that a friend had just done this clearing for me. She asked me to write a note  to thank her for what she had just done in clearing away some of the distractions and piles that have sat there for so long.  She asked me to acknowledge what this friend had done for me.

Jen reminded me that in writing this note to my friend, who of course is me,  that this was practice in cultivating gratitude towards myself. It was an acknowledgement of my efforts towards myself. She asked me to remember that this hour of clearing was worth acknowledging by saying thank-you to myself.  It should not be taken for granted. It was more than just a standard pat on the back. It was acknowledging the value of the time, of the effort, of the task, and most importantly, of giving to myself. An act of kindness.

That is a very big deal in my books.  I take myself for granted in a way that I would likely never take your kindness towards me for granted.

So, friend, aka Deb, ……. thank you for working so hard to make this space more lovely and clear for me.  You really paid attention to what I needed. Thank you for clearing off the coffee table so that I can put my tea on a level, clear  surface. Thank you for clearing off that chair!! I can actually sit in it now. Thank you for doing those dishes. Feel free to leave them in the drying rack. I can put them away tomorrow.

You are very, very welcome.  Very welcome indeed.

If there’s anything more I can do for you, just let me know.

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4 Responses to Kindness

  1. Jovanna says:

    Your comfy chair next to your clear table all set with tea and cup look so welcoming. You are so good to yourself, Deb! I guess you know just what you need.

  2. Janice says:

    Hey Deb reminds me of a book I read and should probably re-read called radical gratitude. I can’t remember the authors name I think she might have been a nun!
    Enjoy you clean inviting space.

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