I Gotta Feeling, it’s no Ordinary Day

On Monday, I wrote about the Office Spa Day, which was the prelude to the World Changing Writing Workshop. Wednesday’s post mentioned synchronicity.

After Spa Day, I went to check out Jen Hoffman’s website, Inspired Home Office . On her “Recommended Reading” page were two of my favourite things. Synchronicity!

The first was the video of the Black Eyed Peas, “I Got a Feeling” from the Oprah Chicago extravaganza street party. I love, love, love that video and the song all by itself. And I love Oprah’s reactions – so surprised, so amazed, and not afraid to show it! I’m sure you’re among the over 6 million people who’ve seen it on YouTube. But in case not, check it out.

The next video on the page was the bigger surprise and delight. It is by my favourite band from my favourite place in the world, my home island of Newfoundland.

I love Great Big Sea. I’ve been a fan since their beginning almost 20 years ago. They play some traditional Newfoundland music using fiddle and squeezebox and give it their own brand of rowdy. Their original music maintains that get-up-off-your-feet Newfoundland spirit. I love their grit, their heart and their sense of play. When you watch Alan Doyle sing, you know he is 100% in for the ride – there’s no holding back! I love that.

Here’s the video for their song, “Ordinary Day”. I love the song. Rugby isn’t my thing – but  Alan’s joy and exuberance is something I can never see enough of.  It’s infectious.

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