It’s Canada Day!

It’s Canada Day and I love me some Stompin’ Tom and Bobby Gimby.

If you’re aren’t from around here, Stompin’ Tom is a Canadian icon, and so is his song “It’s Canada Day, Up Canada Way”. This lovely slideshow gives a tiny taste of this great country. You can check out more of his songs on youtube.

Back in 1967, it was the 100th anniversary of Confederation……. i.e. Canada’s birthday. This is a song that was created by Bobby Gimby for the Centennial Celebrations. Every kid in every school learned it, and I’m sure most of us of a certain age could still sing it word for word.

So sing along with me….  “Ca na da…..”

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1 Response to It’s Canada Day!

  1. Janice says:

    What a blast from the past Deb!
    Happy Canada Day to you too!!

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