Seeking love…. part 2

Seeking what you love…..

It’s not always obvious.

It’s not always easy; it’s not always clear.

Sometimes you have to make an effort, to look hard, to look closely, to pay attention, to do a little searching, or a lot, as the case may be.

It can be right in front of you. It can be behind the door, or out on the front porch.

My friend Neil goes into his backyard. How could there be so many fascinating bugs in one backyard?  Or he gets on his bike and goes into the swamp, returning with herons, and turtles and osprey pictures.

Kermit, the in-house dog, never has to search far. A head scratch, a tummy rub, the biscuits which the neighbour leaves on the fence each morning. Kermit never has to wonder what he loves; he just is love.

Today’s love was in my fridge. I’ve really developed a love of watermelon this season. I don’t think I’ve even bought a watermelon before, unless it was to take somewhere else. For a single person, they are not very practical. They are big! They take up a lot of space! I’m just one person, how could I possibly get through a watermelon?

Let me tell you….. It is not that hard. Feel thirsty? Have a slice of watermelon! Feel hungry? Have a slice of watermelon! Feel like something sweet? Have a slice of watermelon!  Hot? Have a slice of watermelon! I’m becoming convinced that the watermelon is under appreciated and it could save the world if only given a chance.

Okay, that is a bit extreme. But soon and very soon, the huge watermelon in the fridge is shrinking, shrinking, shrinking and I am feeling the slightest tinge of anticipatory watermelon withdrawal.

But wait! There’s more!!!  I discovered the next level of watermelon love…… watermelon with strawberries and blueberries, all together, nothing added. If you let them sit for a while, their juices mingle……heaven. A mouthful of juicy crispness, soft berry juices.  There cannot be anything better.

Remember Billy Collins? He fell in love with a wren, a bowl of broth, a mouse, a bar of lavender soap.

I’ll just bet he’s fallen in love with watermelon too.

btw, this was supposed to go out last week! Were you wondering about the watermelon  reference in the Melody Gardot post? This should have gone first and then all connections would be clear. Oh well. I’m still learning!

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2 Responses to Seeking love…. part 2

  1. Vanessa says:

    All that looks so good to eat… Enjoy the love!!!

  2. deb reynolds says:

    Uh, huh…….. especially in the heat we are experiencing in our neck of the woods. I think a watermelon bath is a possibility!! 😉

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