She loves a tuba!

Despite my parents best efforts, I’ve never really learned to play an instrument. They dragged me to piano lessons, and I fought every step of the way. Now, of course, I wish I could play. I can play the guitar a bit better than I play the piano, and I am learning to play the ukulele. Ukuleles can be had on the cheap end of the instrument spectrum.

Now, a tuba? Well that’s another story. It’s Emma’s story and you can read about it here at Emma’s mom’s blog:

or here, in Emma’s own words.

If you’d like to help Emma with her dream, you can send a donation via paypal to . If you give her your address, you’ll even get an Emma art print as a “thank you”! A little bit from a lot of us will get Emma her tuba! Tuba love is in the air….



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