Loving what Is



Texas Roller Rink

Ticka Hick

There is a lot of sadness in the world. More than I know. More than I think I can bear. It is easy to get lost in, or to push aside.

The two year old blessing in my life was my focus this weekend. Spending time with her means being present with what is. There is no story about what might have been, or what should have been. No “if only” story. To pay attention to anything other than what is, means to miss the gifts of what is.

Because of her, I…..

* played in the sprinkler, on the couch, in the hall, in the store, in the car….

* laughed in the sprinkler, on the couch, in the hall, in the store, in the car….

* saw Mary smile

*sang “How Great Thou Art” in two totally different settings, keys and tempos

* coloured on a placemat

* saw “Winnie the Pooh”  (first theatre visit! Those pre-movie trailers and ads are “vewy scawey” when it is your first time.)

* rediscovered leaves

* ate ice cream and danced in the park while taking in the music, the trees, the sky and mama’s heart and all of those babies… what a lot of babies to look at!!

* felt satisfied when it was time to go home

* knew I was loved

* knew I loved.

It was perfect.

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4 Responses to Loving what Is

  1. Janice says:

    Sounds like a wonderful summer day full of love and laughter. Leave it to a two year old to show us the world of love! Lucky you to spend the day with her.

  2. How wonderful, so glad now that I didn’t catch up with my little grand daughter as I hve now come down with an ear infection.
    But I just loved being reminded how good it is

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