Wednesday Wordly Wanderings…. musings from the web

Today from “Mildly Creative”, a post titled “Imperfections and the Importance of Dreaming.”

I like the idea of being “mildly creative”. It lowers my expectations to a manageable level, especially when I’m tempted (which is fairly frequently) to compare myself with others.

A couple of Ken’s bits that stood out for me:

Stop asking what’s wrong with you. Start asking what’s important to you….

Is your age, your weight, your income, your level of education, or some other statistic really an obstacle to doing what you hope to do, or is it just your beliefs that keep getting in the way?

Fear is something you feel, the result of something you think. But courage is something you do.

Thoughts and images and feelings can’t stop you from taking action unless you spend all your energy struggling with them, trying to ignore them or eliminate them or wrestle them to the ground.

In “Project Moi”, I have found myself faced with the gap between my desires and my actions. It is tempting to react by razing new growth to the ground. It is easy to dismiss the small steps taken when I compare them to the grander scheme of dreams. Using Ken’s image of a flashlight is helpful. I shine my light on the steps I have taken. Often I am distracted by fear or beliefs that do not serve me. But it is a “simple” choice to swing the light back to what is important: the longings, the dreams, the desires…. the flame that truly cannot be extinguished as long as I am breathing.

Thanks Ken for the reminders.

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1 Response to Wednesday Wordly Wanderings…. musings from the web

  1. Darienne says:

    Something I have had on my wall for so long that I completely forget where I got it:

    “We need, all of us, to be in control of our lives and we shrink them until they are small and mean enough so that we can feel in control. ”

    This is something we have to be so careful not to do. And something we so often do do.

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