Losing it……. Anderson Cooper Style

You know those times when something just strikes you as funny and you totally lose it? You try to hold back the laughs, feeling that somehow losing your composure would be unseemly. But the more you try, the more the giggles rise up and bust through your tightly sewn seams.  We’ve all done it; we’ve all been there. It’s infectious watching someone else try to hold it in and lose the battle, and before we know it we’re all on the floor peeing our pants.

Here’s the silver-haired fox, distinguished anchor of CNN losing it in front of us all…….. and we get to giggle right along with him. Enjoy!

And in part 2, Anderson puts himself on the “Ridiculist” and we get to live it again, and see the response of others. I’m particularly fond of the unicorn reference. 😉

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4 Responses to Losing it……. Anderson Cooper Style

  1. WEndy says:

    i didn’t WANT to but of course got gliggled into a fit! Did you see the followup- ANderson Cooper’s giggle turned into an even more rediculous moblie phone ring -tone?

  2. Janice says:

    I thought maybe I wouldn’t laugh but that was impossible I’m laughing again joust thinking about his laugh!

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