The Second Glance

I’m a long-time reader of Anne Lamott’s writing about her life, faith, grace, raising a son, writing…. She says things other people are afraid to say. In the Old Testament, such people were called “prophets”. They weren’t necessarily the most popular kids on the block. Anne says things I’ve thought, but would be  am afraid to speak.

Anne led me to David Roche. He is another prophet who speaks what the rest of us are afraid to say. Like the freedom found in being a member of the Church of 80% Sincerity.

Here’s a short film featuring David. The film is by Nic Askew, someone whose work I’ve appreciated for a while now. If you go to Nic’s website,  Soul Biographies, you’ll find more thoughtful and tasty gems to inspire and expand your world.



‘ … perhaps true beauty is something that draws our attention at second glance, once the judgment of a first glance has realised it’s mistake.’

When you’ve got some time, go here for a 42 minute reading and Q&A session with David. I promise; it is worth your time.

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1 Response to The Second Glance

  1. Janice says:

    Deb Thanks for reminding me about this site soul biographies. That was a wonderful short movie…and there are so many other ones!

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