The Princess Bride

I don’t know if I have a favourite movie, but if I did it would be “The Princess Bride”. After my parents’ divorce, it became something of a family tradition to watch it on Christmas day, something we could enjoy together in our small family of three. It was light-hearted, funny, full of adventure and crazy memorable lines that made us laugh every time. My brother and I enjoyed poking fun at our mom when she’d ask, every time, “Have we seen this before?” Yes, mom. 😉  We have.

I still love “The Princess Bride” and now it’s been 24 years. I can hardly believe that. Our worlds have changed. Mom now has advanced Alzheimer’s. Now she really doesn’t remember! But you know what? It can still make her laugh. Something in her ravaged brain still responds. Is it to the ROUS’ , or Andre the Giant making his crazy rhymes, or Wallace Shawn’s, “Inconceivable!” Maybe it is Billy Crystal and Carol Kane mixing up their true love potion.

I think it’s the love.

“As you wish.”

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4 Responses to The Princess Bride

  1. Janice says:

    What a great trip down memory lane. Can’t tell you how many times we rented this movie and and all sat down and watched it with such glee seeing how many lines we could recite! I’ve sent this clip to all my kids so they could smile too.

  2. Darienne says:

    One of my favourite movies. Watch it every time it’s on television. Absolutely adore Mandy Patinkin.

  3. Donna Parker says:

    I think you are right!! : ) Donna P

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