Fall in love

Crisp red apples. Yes, it’s a cliche. But, take a bite!

Juicy, slurpy yellow pears. Wipe your chin on your shirtsleeve. Don’t mind your manners.

Feet swishing through fallen leaves. Dance!

Chestnuts falling through  branches. Duck!

Stark black tree silhouettes against blazing  sunset skies. Breathe.

And pumpkins. Rows and rows and rows of pumpkins.

Dairy Queen is advertising a pumpkin pie blizzard and Starbucks has its Pumpkin Spice latte.

I’m in love with pumpkins. The little sugar pie pumpkins lined up at the market for wee hands to carry home. Jack o’lanterns awaiting a face. Ginormous scale -tipping whale-of-a pumpkin pumpkins found at the local fair. Nothing really says “fall” to me like pumpkins!

Don’t get me wrong. I actually gag at the smell of the inside of pumpkins or when I open the can. But! Mixed with spices and baked in the oven….. well, that is Cinderella’s wand turning a lowly vegetable into a noble carriage.

I’ve had my share of pumpkin pie already this season. I use Thanksgiving as my excuse. (Turkey-day comes in October here in Ca-na-da!) Now it’s time to move on. Move on to pumpkin scones (check!),  pumpkin pie-spiced pudding (check!), pumpkin quinoa cookies (all systems ready!), and the yet to be tried, pumpkin chai bread with cranberries (in muffin form).

Invite me over! I’ll bring the pumpkin!


If you notice, 3/4ths of those recipes are from the same site: Karina Allrich’s Gluten-Free Goddess . Karina does more than develop and post recipes. She is also a gifted writer, a photographer and artist, and  a heart-based philosopher. It is this alchemy of talents that keeps me (and thousands of others) coming back for more. Here’s a taste from her most recent post:

We are all given moments of grace.
Far too many of these moments are missed, floating by the fuzzy edges of momentum, a stream of invisible assumptions. And needs. Life guarantees change, but really, what else? Opportunity (what are you going to do with what you’ve got?). Choice. Self explanatory, right? We cut a swath of choices every single day. Trivial choices (would you like whipped cream on that?). And loaded choices (some requiring nothing less than moral courage to execute). Each and every choice spins us off in a direction, a trajectory with consequences.
And what I am coming to realize, even cherish, now more than ever, is this. The choices boil down to a choice between love (connection) or fear (separation). So what will you choose today?Think about it.

As for me?

I vote for love.

Read more: http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com/2009/12/quinoa-pumpkin-cookies.html#ixzz1azmIN4XI

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