Today is my birthday.

I’ve been thinking about how to craft this day, this year.

I have more than a few ideas. Some will happen; some will not. They will find their way in their own right timing.

For today, October 27th, here is my gift to you, with love.

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4 Responses to Today

  1. Janice says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Deb!!! and thank you for the wonderful present. I did think when I saw that it was 6 minutes long…..I don’t have time for that but I watched it and am so glad I took that tiny bit of 6 minutes out of my day to sit and marvel at such a wonderful story and such soaring thoughts!
    I hope today and the rest of the year is filled with these kinds of moments for you.

  2. Lois says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy Everyday to you Deb!
    Loved the clip. Reminded me of my visit to the Lishman’s amazing domed house a few years ago – the story is loosely based on Bill Lishman’s experiment with geese. I even got to see the glider in action. Check him out on Wiki. Amazing how one little thing leads to another . . .

  3. deb reynolds says:

    Lois, it took me a while to realize what it was. When the girl was running with the baby geese after her, I thought, “Fly Away Home”! I enjoyed the scenery even more, seeing Port Perry and Lake Scucog and the hills around. I’ve never visited the LIshman house, but have driven by on multiple occasions to see what sculpture is at the foot of the drive. At school, at recess, we had more than one occasion when a glider and geese following would fly overhead. One of our dads worked for Bill. It’s lovely to have the connection.

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