Trick or Treat

An obvious title for today, perhaps?

But here’s the thing….. I couldn’t decide what to hand out.

Snickers, Baby Ruth, Kit Kat???? Well, I could say I’m saving those for the kids, but the truth is……. okay, I ate them. Alright? It’s true.

But this is sooooo much better than candy! Honestly.

One thing I love, love, love is when people see possibilities where I see nothing at all. I love it when people have a vision for what could be that makes me scratch my head and say,  “How on earth did they think of that?”. What kind of brain does it take to see beyond what is to what could be.

I think those people might be called “artists”.

Sometimes they show their hands through places such as the High Line in NYC, or the Brickworks in Toronto, places which were derelict or considered an eyesore, but have been re-visioned into places of beauty and function. Perhaps I’ve mentioned this before. I’m sure I will again.

And then there are the outrageous, the curious, the wack-a-doodle……. things where you don’t need an understanding of politics or economics or art history. You don’t need to know the influences affecting the fall of the Roman Empire. You don’t need to understand the scientific reasons behind the success or failure of a souffle.

You just need a little space in your heart that opens up in wonderment and says, “Wow. That is so cool.”

I like things that are simple that way.

So here are my “wow” treats for the day.

First, a few vegetables and a bit of protein to counterbalance the candy.  Oh, and I  also want to say I love Martha Teichner’s wry delivery. And then there are the  sheep, the sheep of light. How do people think of these things!?!

Sorry. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why these will not embed in the post. Click on the link and you should, I repeat, should, be taken to a site to see the appropriate video. See why I like “simple”? Sheesh.

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3 Responses to Trick or Treat

  1. Jovanna says:

    I love your way of writing, Deb! The words you choose are so delightfully crafted. They really draw me in and are ever bit as satisfying as the yummy candy bars you might have saved for me and the sweet silliness of these guys with sheep and veggies. I’ll be comin’ to your door again next year!!

  2. Janice says:

    Thank goodness for the crazies in the world!!!

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