Poetry Love

April is Poetry Month. I could have posted a poem I love every single day. Instead I’m stealing one that Patti Digh just posted on her blog. Sometimes the easy way is the best way.


I am in love
With the light that illuminates the dust
Resting on her hair
Convinced that those diamonds are god’s way of saying hello
And reminding me that this very common is not so common at all
But part of something bigger and much older than
Floors I haven’t had time to sweep

I am in love
With the soft sigh of an animal body
Laying next to me
Trusting the sigh itself is the voice of god
Saying good morning, you are sweet, and something bigger
Than a warmth emanating from a heartbeat
That does the dishes and takes out the trash

I am in love
With a breeze that slips under my door
Around my toes
Reminding my soles they are meant for a holier path
Than the walk I take to fix the draft
That might just be saying, this
Is the blessing of love

-Jess Ryan

I love this offering by Jess Ryan, a member of the first VerbTribe, in celebration of National Poetry Month.

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2 Responses to Poetry Love

  1. Piki says:

    I really like this poem. Thanks, Deb

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