Being Seen

I have long struggled with looking stupid. Silly = foolish = stupid.

Stupid = bad.

I have done many things to be invisible, to not attract attention. To not look stupid.

Episode #1: I found some Keen sandals at a discount store at a great, great price. One pair was bright turquoise blue. The other was pale purple, hardly noticeable at all. I bought the purple so that my shoes would not be noticed.

Episode #2: I pretty much wear black. It is slimming after all. But also, it blends. And nobody makes fun of people wearing black. Once I wore a bright flowery blouse and matching skirt to work. I knew it was bold. I thought it was stylish. I was nervous about wearing it. The next day, hanging from the ceiling and hovering above my desk were six paper bumblebees and a sign that said, “Where’s the flower garden that was here yesterday?” It  was funny and it was sweet. (Took me a long time to find out who did it!) But I never wore that outfit again.

Episode #3: I was walking along Bloor Street in Toronto with Margaret and Ann on our way to see the Masaro Emoto, the Messages from Water guy . I don’t know how or why it happened, but suddenly, both of them were dancing. Dancing!! In a public space! Where people could see!!

Mortification! I wanted to melt into the sidewalk. I can’t dance! I look stupid! Stop it! Stop it!

I drew back and tried to melt into the side of the Bata Shoe Museum, which let them know how embarrassed I  was……….. which of course means they they did it more! Bigger! Louder! Arrrggghhhhhh!   Margaret reminds me of this on a fairly regular basis.

So, Margaret Carney….  this is for you, a woman ahead of the curve. Let’s get our dance-walk on! I challenge you (and the rest of you!) to a dance-walk session on a public street near you! (After all, now it’s a trend! We won’t look stupid at all. Just bold. And maybe a bit stylish!)

P.S. I still long for those turquoise Keen sandals.

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6 Responses to Being Seen

  1. Janice says:

    That was too good Deb!!!!! I’m still laughing but really like you said, like Ben said, dance walking”. Why has no one ever thought of this before!! Man those turquoise keen shoes would have been amazing looking too strutting down he street. Could mean shoe shopping time or get out the paints and paint a dull un-noticeable pair.

    • Deb Reynolds says:

      You’ll be glad to know I now have red shoes!!! I also used to have a pair of baby blue Roots desert boots…….. which I could never bring myself to wear………. and now I so wish I had them!!

  2. Margaret says:

    Let’s boogie!! How wonderful, dancing together on the street! I picture Snoopy doing his “joy” dance, and have to laugh in anticipation.

  3. Dana says:

    Yeah! I totally see what you are saying. And I hear you, after all those years still thinking about those turquoise sandals! But this isn’t just about turquoise sandals, is it? It’s about feeling the freedom to wear them, or maybe about the feeling that’s stopping us.

    I like Janice’s suggestion, maybe you should get those paints out…

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