Team Brilliant

One of my favourite people in the world, a person I have never met, is Patti Digh. I adore her books and the way she lives her life. You can read about it here on Here’s how she describes herself:

I’m a writer, a speaker, and a mom. My work opens space for people to say a big “YES” to their lives–before it’s too late. I’m about living like you’re dying–because you are. Each moment is precious, and magic. It’s hard to remember that when the laundry piles up and the dishes need washing, I know. My job is to remind you, through my writing, teaching, and speaking, that those “ordinary” things are your life–and to see what is extraordinary in them. To help you tell a story with your life that you’ll love and be proud of at the end of it.

Patti lost her dad when she was 20. Her step-father died in 2003, after being diagnosed with lung cancer 37 days previously. His death, that time-line has formed and informed her work ever since.

Last Friday, after meeting the deadline for her new book on grief and loss, Patti, her husband, John, and their daughters Tess and Emma headed for their beloved Tybee Island for vacation starting the next day. On Wednesday, after feeling poorly and going to the hospital, John was diagnosed with kidney cancer.

They do not have insurance.

I’ve never known anyone personally who had to deal with illness without insurance. I take it for granted. I live in Canada. And even here, the costs associated with cancer treatment can be a huge burden. I am grateful for what we do have.

A page has been set up to raise funds for John’s surgery and treatment. I have made a donation. I hope I can make another. Please consider if you can join us on “Team Brilliant” in order to “Heal, Spot, Heal”.

Watch this video. It will all make sense.

Well, as much as shitty cancer ever does.


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