Thanksgiving Day

It is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. A year ago I wrote this draft post, never finished it and never came back. Until today. Thanksgiving Day in Canada. I don’t know if there is a message in this, but I surely do appreciate the humour. The coming back to this blog has been a slow, long-time in coming. Hints of this, nudges from that. And now I’m back. Here’s what I had to say a year ago. I promise it won’t be another year before I return.



It is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. A day for turkey and cranberry sauce, gravy and veg.  Leftovers for a week. A day for family and friends and acknowledging gratitude for all that we’ve been given.

I’ve had Thanksgiving in a variety of forms over the years. This was a new one.

I’d planned to go to my brother’s for the weekend. The big draw there is my niece. The second big draw is the turkey dinner, of which my favourite part is the turkey carcass because of leftovers and then, the soup.

But the combination of my on-going exhaustion and their plans to have Thanksgiving dinner at the golf club meant that there would be no carcass. No leftovers. There would be no soup.

So, I stayed home. As much as I wanted to see Hailey and spend time with her, I just didn’t have the gas in my tank to go. My need for rest outweighed everything else. There were a few gremlin thoughts about that, but with a bit of work, the I sent the gremlins back to their cave.

But I also wanted that turkey, that carcass, that soup. So I made a huge splurge. I bought a turkey. A turkey for one. Well, it was a 13 lb turkey for one. I made a plethora of roasted veg, stuffed the bird with gluten-free stuffing and opened a can of cranberry sauce. It turned out fantastically. Actually, the stuffing was inedible, but the rest was fabulous.

I felt guilty having such a feast for just myself. I thought about calling various people and asking them to come over and share the bounty. But I had no energy for another person. Instead, I received this unusual gift, given to me by me. Not just the food itself, but the time, the attention, the preparation and the awareness of giving myself what I both wanted and needed.


And this year? No turkey, but an organic roasted chicken. And there will be soup.

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12 Responses to Thanksgiving Day

  1. Darienne says:

    Good for you Deb. much love, Darienne

  2. Terri Johnson says:

    Thankful for You,Deb!

  3. northernchick says:

    So nice to see you blogging. Have fun making soup! 🙂

  4. Janice says:

    Ahhh so nice to see you in my mail box after a long drive back from Sudbury. It is always nice to hear your musings on life, your challenges and gifts and the way you respond to each and every one of them. Happy Thanks giving to you! See you very soon…….in a week or two I believe!

  5. Susan Lucas says:

    Love this Deb! Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the soup. xox

  6. Margaret says:

    Oh, Deb! I can picture the smile on your face. And you’ve put one on mine, plus a warm glow inside. Thank you!

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