Patti Digh @ TEDxIndianapolis

Ninety percent of you will have seen this.

But for the 10% that haven’t, here’s Patti speaking at TEDxIndianapolis on October 22nd.

I went to a camp that Patti held in early October in Georgia. It was the Design Your Life Camp.

I wasn’t feeling the need to design my life. I was feeling my life was pretty fine as it was. I wanted to go because I love what Patti writes, how she lives her life and how she sees the world. She has taught me a lot over the last few years. Plus, she was bringing together a TON of my favourite people that I’d never met before – some famous, some not famous at all.

I’m not ready yet to talk about my main takeaway from camp. It is one of those percolating things. One of those Grade 4 science things, like where water sits on the surface of the ground and gets muddy. As it filters through the layers of the earth, it will eventually come out clean. I’m not at the clean stage yet. I’m still very muddy. It’s a process.

While we’re waiting for the clean water, have a watch. Patti is at about the 40 minute mark.

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